Honorary Whites and the Collective Black

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Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

If there’s one thing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s banal discourse on race reveals is a fundamental dynamic in our “post-racial” society. Much of mainstream America virulently denies it is racist, while simultaneously having racist attitudes and beliefs. Of course the mainstream media will deny this, and call for Sterling’s head, if nothing else out of pure embarrassment. But what played out between Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, on their now-infamous 9:23 conversation, yields insight into the middle ground Latin@s hold in America’s evolving race debate.

Let’s not even get into the connection between racism and patriarchy here, where Sterling’s main motivation seems to be that as an eighty something year-old playboy, he can’t stand to see his twentysomething girlfriend post photos of herself with Magic Johnson on Instagram. Outside of that, he insists, he loves black people. He’s fine with making millions in philanthropic contributions to…

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I saw this malaria advert from TOBINCO PHARMACEUTICALS today, and i must say, i am appalled by it. how can you paint a man white and prop him in a witness box??? the whole court case with David Dontoh and co, was a very useless advert.. who is the targeted audience?? children?? are you serious?? i suggest you scrap that disgrace of an advert and find better ways to market your drug.. you are marketing a drug, that kills malaria parasites. i would have thought you would find a more serious and effective way to show the potency of your drug?? was the advert made for comic relief??? when malaria kills a child per minute in Africa.. are you kidding me?? sit up TOBINCO…its a shame, to condescend to the comic trend of ideas when treating important issues affecting us. for Christ’s sake, IT IS A MEDICINE, AND NOT A TOY….sit up and get a better way to advertise it. thanks





this stupid tv programme THE PULPIT BY TV3 SHOULD BE SCRAPPED

so i scroll through the local television channels, and i come across this sham called THE PULPIT by TV3 network, Ghana. in fact, i have never been this offended by a programme. how can you prop kids  to preach? what is the moral behind that? in this era, where religion and God are taken for granted, i feel i should say my peace. i feel that programme should be scrapped because its wrong to make a competition out of Christianity…aside the fact that it does not embrace all forms of religion, i feel its a mockery to those who have been genuinely called by God to spread his word. how can one audition to be a preacher??? seriously?? come on…i am so disgusted by this programme… TV3 i can see you lack ideas, but why don’t you improve on the failing standards of your network, instead of using offensive and bogus ways to stay relevant. you know very well that, hungry and needy kids will jump at any audition to make money..and lets not talk of they actually receiving their awards, because that’s a story for another day.. please find more entertaining ways to stay relevant…thank you.

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only in my motherland, would you find praise for the guilty, and not for the helpless..its so sad to carry a baby for nine months, after the several gut wrenching stomach cramps only to be told your baby died..you wont even be able to see the beauty you created with love..its so sad..i dont even understand the fuss on this theft case…this was a case of choice…they chose to go there, they chose to steal, and they chose the crawling…unlike the helpless mothers who weren’t given that privilege of choice..my heart bleeds for those mothers…what is this country, and the world as a whole, turning into???