this stupid tv programme THE PULPIT BY TV3 SHOULD BE SCRAPPED

so i scroll through the local television channels, and i come across this sham called THE PULPIT by TV3 network, Ghana. in fact, i have never been this offended by a programme. how can you prop kids  to preach? what is the moral behind that? in this era, where religion and God are taken for granted, i feel i should say my peace. i feel that programme should be scrapped because its wrong to make a competition out of Christianity…aside the fact that it does not embrace all forms of religion, i feel its a mockery to those who have been genuinely called by God to spread his word. how can one audition to be a preacher??? seriously?? come on…i am so disgusted by this programme… TV3 i can see you lack ideas, but why don’t you improve on the failing standards of your network, instead of using offensive and bogus ways to stay relevant. you know very well that, hungry and needy kids will jump at any audition to make money..and lets not talk of they actually receiving their awards, because that’s a story for another day.. please find more entertaining ways to stay relevant…thank you.

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