I saw this malaria advert from TOBINCO PHARMACEUTICALS today, and i must say, i am appalled by it. how can you paint a man white and prop him in a witness box??? the whole court case with David Dontoh and co, was a very useless advert.. who is the targeted audience?? children?? are you serious?? i suggest you scrap that disgrace of an advert and find better ways to market your drug.. you are marketing a drug, that kills malaria parasites. i would have thought you would find a more serious and effective way to show the potency of your drug?? was the advert made for comic relief??? when malaria kills a child per minute in Africa.. are you kidding me?? sit up TOBINCO…its a shame, to condescend to the comic trend of ideas when treating important issues affecting us. for Christ’s sake, IT IS A MEDICINE, AND NOT A TOY….sit up and get a better way to advertise it. thanks





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